1. Active Preservation


Preservation Planning and Action is a core requirement of OAIS digital preservation. Being able to proactively manage and migrate content to newer file formats overtime ensures it has the highest chance of being readable and useable across multiple technology refresh cycles into the future. Simpler approaches such as only performing migration at ingest (normalization) forces file format choices to be made today: Active Preservation

2. Preservation & Access


Choosing a solution that includes Digital Preservation and Public Access in one saves time, money and duplicated content. Having these two functions integrated is more important in the Cloud. Your Access experience should also ensure content can be viewed in an optimum way on multiple devices without needing to download across the internet: Universal Access

3. Upload of Large Files


The easy and reliable upload and ingest of content, especially large files or collections of files (10s of GBs) is a critical function especially when working with a Cloud hosted Digital Preservation solution. Preservica's CE Bulk Upload Service is a quick and easy way to upload and ingest large digital collections (10TB+) into the safety of Preservica Cloud Edition - saving time and reducing the cost and risk when compared with upload using the internet. 

4. Storage Flexibility


Choosing a digital preservation solution that allows you to configure (and automate) where different content types get stored enables you to optimize your storage needs and costs. For example, using fast Amazon S3 for frequently accessed presentation content and lower-cost Amazon Glacier for large infrequently accessed preservation content. 

5. User Access Control


Make sure any digital preservation solution you choose has an easy way to control who gets to see what content, and what actions they can then perform. This is especially important if you plan to provide access to different internal and external communities, or are preserving confidential or sensitive information.

6. Lots of Connectors


Choose a digital preservation solution that has open interfaces and out-of-the-box connectors that will enable you to synchronize and automate the ingest of content from different systems across your organization. Preservica, for example, includes connectors for commonly used Catalogs, Digital Asset Libraries, Content/Records Management and eMail systems.