1. Digital Content Transfer


You transfer your digital content onto the AWS Import/Export Snowball appliance (which will be shipped directly to you) up to 80TB at a time. 

2. Appliance Return


Return the appliance (with your encrypted content) to AWS where it is directly uploaded into a staging area in your chosen AWS cloud region.

3. Secure Ingest to Cloud


Optimized Preservica workflows then ensure your content and metadata are safely and quickly ingested into Preservica Cloud Edition.

4. Collection Management


Your digital content is now safely in Preservica, allowing you to use intuitive drag-and-drop tools to arrange your collection. 

5. Content Removed


Your digital content is fully removed from the staging area as well as the AWS Snowball appliance.

What You Will Need To Do

Before you get started with the Bulk Upload Service you will need to complete some preparation tasks, download the Service Description for full details.