In today’s fast moving business environment, preserving digital information is vital

New product & service innovation, customer relations, brand protection, legal compliance – all these and many other services rely on your company’s ability to preserve and access today’s digital records way into the future. But ensuring that your company can read today’s digital formats tomorrow is a challenge. Until now. Preservica: keeping your digital assets safe and accessible – for years to come

We’ve got a secure system which will store and preserve digital records, and continue to make them readable for a long time into the future, and I think that’s a really important tool to have available to us

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Dr David Thomas, Director of Technology, The UK National Archives

If this sounds like you...

  • “I need to ensure my departments digital records are safeguarded for many years to come – I’m not sure I can guarantee that level of permanence on our corporate system”
  • “I want to make sure that I can defend the provenance and authenticity of these digital records if we need them for any future commercial or legal challenge – but I’m not confident that we know how to do this”
  • “My IT department does not like the idea of our important digital records being archived outside of the corporate firewall”

Then Preservica has you covered...

  • Preservica’s Active Preservation technology takes care of the complexity of archiving, managing, administering and accessing your digital records - get the records you want more quickly, and ensure their permanence
  • Preservica’s fixity checking verifies that digital objects have not been altered, tampered or corrupted en route - so you can be assured of your data’s authenticity and integrity
  • As an enterprise scale platform, with either on premise or Cloud based Editions Preservica operates within an ISO 27001 framework using proven and secure technology