Government plays a key role in delivering the services that enhance our daily lives

Public administration, the environment, transportation, health and many other areas…. Preserving today’s public records ensures regulatory compliance, and is vital for supporting tomorrow’s smarter digital services. But safeguarding digital information is a technological challenge. Until now. Preservica: keeping your digital assets safe and accessible – for years to come

Preservica is one of the few companies that has full preservation services. Preservation services are the most important things that Preservica offers

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Glen McAninch, Branch Manager, Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives

If you sound like this...

  • “We have a responsibility to store electronic records permanently, but I’m not sure how we can cope with the increased digital flow and protect against the inevitable changes of technology in the future”
  • “I want to ensure access to public records, but the complexity of the digital files and variable level of contextual information attached to the records we are receiving today will make it very hard to search for specific content in years to come”
  • “I want to be able to offer a digital preservation service – but I don’t have the budget or the IT resources of a national institution”

Then Preservica has you covered...

  • Preservica was specifically designed to safeguard and protect against future digital format obsolescence - so you are in safe hands
  • Preservica’s Active Preservation technology enables you to add rich contextual information (descriptive metadata) to your records, and provides full text search within digital files – so archiving and searching becomes fast and easy
  • It uses the same world leading technology trusted by national archives and libraries - now available as a low cost on premise solution or subscription based Cloud service