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Designs, inventions, research data, publications & papers, patents…. safeguarding all your organizations intellectual assets often means keeping them in digital form. The huge range of niche formats and specialist content makes this digital information especially fragile. Until now. Preservica: keeping your digital assets safe and accessible – for years to come

We know that in the future people will want to look back at the work that is being done now in digital formats, and we know from our own experience how difficult dealing with obsolete formats can be

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Robert Kiley, Head of Digital Services, Wellcome Library

If you sound like this...

  • “We are generating research data from important experiments and projects. The software is specialised and the digital formats being produced are not common – how do I ensure we can read all this data in the future, especially if the technology changes or becomes redundant?”
  • "I will need to reliably use this data in years to come – but I need to be able to guarantee its authenticity and integrity”
  • “My IT team are telling me we need a flexible and cost effective way of permanently archiving this growing volume of project & research data”

Then Preservica has you covered...

  • Preservica’s Active Preservation technology identifies and protects niche file formats and also records the characteristics of the specialist software used to create them – significantly reducing the risk of future obsolescence
  • Preservica’s fixity checking verifies that digital objects have not been altered, tampered or corrupted en route - so you can be assured of your data’s authenticity and integrity
  • It’s available on premise and in the Cloud and can support hybrid models that can scale to many petabytes – so you can take advantage of storage solutions that are cost effective for your organization