Webinars / Private: Digital Preservation in the Cloud – Benefits and Considerations for State Archives

When: Tuesday February 10 2015, 2pm EST US

For members of CoSA  – part of the State Electronic Records Initiative (SERI) webinar program.

In this webinar, delivered in conjunction with the Council of State Archivists, Preservica, and Amazon Web Services will explore how state and public sector organizations are leveraging Cloud services to safeguard their digital content for the long term – including Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, and hybrid  models that combine local and Cloud storage.

What you will learn:

  • Core requirements of a Cloud service for long-term digital preservation
  • How other State and public sector organizations are leveraging the Cloud today
  • The key considerations for selecting a Cloud service
  • Security, encryption, handling of sensitive/confidential material, legal jurisdiction, SLAs and exit policy
  • Where and how to use different storage options – Cloud only or Hybrid Cloud/Local
  • How to automate the storage of different content types to different storage options


Registration for this webinar is by direct invite from the Council of State Archivists.