1. What should I preserve?


In Step 1 we will work with you using tools such as our Digital Value at Risk calculator to assess which content most needs to be preserved as well as build an accurate Digital Asset Register. This will allow you to size your challenge and provide a key input into Step 2.

2. How do I get buy-in?


In Step 2 we will work with you to create  a vision, build the  business case and obtain approval for your digital archive. In addition as part of the process of scoping your vision we will also help you draft your digital preservation policy.

3. What solution do I need?


Step 3 is all about defining your requirements for a digital preservation solution. We can provide sample requirement documents as well as help you manage a pilot implementation to gain first-hand experience.

4. How do I deploy?


In Step 4 we can help you project manage the roll-out of your system, user training and governance - as well as develop a set of standard operating procedures.

5. Maximize the benefits


In this final Step 5 we will help you gain ISO certification for your digital archive, measure usage and develop a continual improvement plan to enable you to really maximize the benefits.