Wellcome Library shows the power of digitization to reveal the influence, insight and inspiration behind critical moments of scientific discovery

It has been my pleasure to work with the digital team at Wellcome Library as they put Tessella’s SDB in place to manage and preserve their digital collections, so I was delighted to be able to attend the launch of the Wellcome Library Codebreakers: makers of modern genetics — http://​well​comeli​brary​.org

This fascinating collection holds the papers of the pioneers of modern genetics, including Francis Crick, James D. Watson, Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin have been collected together for the first time and made freely available in a digitization project from the Wellcome Library. It contains over a million pages of first-hand notes, letters, sketches, lectures, photographs and essays from the circle of brilliant minds responsible for uncovering the structure of DNA. The site lays bare the personal and professional thoughts, rivalries, blind alleys and breakthroughs of the scientists whose ideas transformed our understanding of the matter of life.

If anyone needed to understand the impact digitization and digital collections can make, I suggest they look no further than Codebreakers.

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Julian Fowler

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