Active digital preservation of brand and marketing assets

Protect and maximize the long-term value of your brand IP and digital assets. Drive product and brand innovation. Defend against infringements.

Leverage the value of long-term digital brand assets

Ensuring digital assets are easy to access and re-useable over the long-term has become an essential part of modern brand asset management. It’s enabling CMOs and marketing teams to maximize asset ROI, drive brand and product innovation, maintain brand continuity and protect IPR.

Todays’ brands are being created and expressed in digital form - from landing pages, videos and social media to the design files that sit behind printed materials. These digital assets are costly to produce, but are also incredibly fragile - susceptible to loss, corruption and format obsolescence.

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Brand storytelling at HSBC

When HSBC, a major global bank, recently celebrated its 150th anniversary, it drew on the resources and digital assets of the corporate archive for inspiration - producing a series of new videos for its HSBC Now YouTube channel as well as a limited run bank note. The marketing department organized large-scale customer and employee events to reconnect and celebrate its brand values to the story of its continuing business success.

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A holistic approach to digital brand asset preservation and re-use

Protecting and maximizing the value of digital assets requires a holistic approach to the asset lifecycle – from creation to active preservation to re-use.

This approach is bringing the marketing and corporate archive functions into closer alignment, working together to automate the transfer of final versions of assets from enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems in to the safe-keeping of an Active Digital Preservation platform. This ensures digital assets can be quickly found, assembled and re-used to create campaigns, and to inform the brands and products of the future.

Changing the way leading brands protect and access long-term digital assets

Ensuring accessibility and authenticity of digital brand assets over successive technology cycles and custodians requires a different approach to traditional backup, archiving, storage or DAM systems.

Preservica’s active preservation platform has been designed from the ground-up to tackle the unique challenges of protecting digital assets over decades. This means ensuring information is securely stored, immediately accessible, trustworthy, and automatically transformed into formats that can be read and used by future applications.

A trusted and proven solution already in use at leading global brands including:

A vast array of critical long-term brand and marketing assets

The volume of digital assets that global brands and agencies need to keep for long-term value can run into millions of files in hundreds of different, often complex formats.

This includes a wide variety of design files and formats for printed material, adverts and exhibition stands, video in apple, windows and professional formats, website and landing page captures, social media

snapshots, email campaigns and newsletters, brand usage guidelines, logos, photography and images from raw to presentation formats, press releases and articles, and product packaging, handbooks and manuals.

The challenge is compounded by multiple product brands, territories, languages and brand acquisitions.

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Digital preservation 101

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HSBC has partnered with Preservica to protect and future-proof digital assets of unique strategic, historical and brand importance.

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Active digital preservation of brand and marketing assets

Download the informative two pager on protecting and maximizing the long-term value of your brand IP and digital assets.

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