Active digital preservation for Human Resources

Secure immediate access to critical long-term employment and talent management information. Unlock value and meet regulatory compliance, privacy and legal requirements.

Protect and leverage your long-term HR information

Organizations across all industries have a responsibility, and in many cases a legal duty, to manage and protect a wide array of employee information produced by enterprise HR functions - ranging from recruitment and hiring, labor relations, compensation and performance management, training, benefits and plans, communications and occupational health & safety.

Many of these digital information assets need to be retained long-term. Ensuring this information is immediately and securely accessible, trustworthy, and useable over decades is enabling forward-thinking HR teams to fulfil fiduciary responsibilities to employees and shareholders, attract and retain talent, re-use research and analysis, provide evidence in legal disputes and meet increasingly stringent regulatory and privacy requirements, including GDPR.

Preservica is changing the way major corporations future-proof & securely access critical long-term HR information

Ensuring accessibility and authenticity of digital information over successive technology cycles and custodians requires a different approach to traditional backup, archiving, content management or HR systems.

Preservica’s active preservation platform has been designed from the ground-up to tackle the unique challenges of protecting digital information over decades. This means ensuring information is securely stored, immediately accessible, trustworthy, and automatically transformed into formats that can be read and used by future applications.

A trusted and proven solution already in use at leading corporations including:

A vast array of critical long-term HR information

The volume of HR information that organizations need to keep for long-term compliance and value can run into millions of files in hundreds of different, often complex formats.

This includes policies and procedures, pension & benefit plans, member beneficiaries, compensation management, occupational health & safety plans and results, training & ethic compliance programs, immigration,

succession plans, service records, delegation of authorities, recruitment, retention and productivity research and analysis, intranet and e-learning assets.

The challenge is compounded by multiple jurisdictional compliance, regulation and legal requirements.

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Preservica products and operations help ensure you meet your GDPR obligations.

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