Protect and secure your digital information for decades to come.

Long-term digital preservation and secure, immediate access in one application

ISO 14721 (OAIS)

Active file-format preservation

Always readable and usable content

living archive

Flexible information and archive management with audited provenance for every file

content acquisition

Out-of-the box ECM package adapters, upload flexibility & open APIs


Scalable cloud or on-premise solutions and no vendor lock-in

Safe and
intelligent storage

Multiple self-healing copies, multiple locations, multiple cloud vendors with 100% durability & integrity guaranteed

authenticated access

Controlled and immediate access for expert and non-expert users, internal & public


Integration with collection management tools


Classification and policy control for permissions and information disposition

Meet the challenge of long-term digital preservation

Whether you are protecting hundreds of years of history or meeting regulatory requirements, Preservica makes it easy to manage long-term preservation of any structured or unstructured information, large digitization projects or the disposition and retention of critical business records. With multi-language support (English, French & German) and scalability built-in, you can grow your solution in line with your changing needs.

Preservica combines all the core requirements for successful long-term digital preservation – including public and secure access - into a single integrated application that can be quickly deployed and hosted in the cloud or run on-premise. Preservica is developed, maintained and supported by digital preservation experts to ISO 9001 standards, in a secure environment that’s compliant with ISO 27001:2013 and designed to support operations in regulated industries and the GDPR.

And with Preservica you also have access to a supportive community of users willing to share their experiences and shape the future direction of long term digital preservation.

Fast and simple to deploy

You can take advantage of Preservica cloud hosted solutions immediately, with no need for local IT support

Digital preservation and public and secure access

One application for a seamless records management and user experience

Low cost, secure and durable cloud storage

Protect your information and easily grow your collections

Preservica active digital preservation is available for use with leading storage solutions in the cloud or on-premise - including simple file systems, network attached storage and hierarchical storage management systems.

Content acquisition

From a single record to very large volumes of information, add to your digital archive directly or from popular applications such as Microsoft SharePoint or Outlook.

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Automated SharePoint archiving

Take control of critical long-term and permanent content across the enterprise.

Designed for enterprise-scale deployments, our intelligent SharePoint connector automates the challenge of identifying and transferring business critical content from across the enterprise to the long-term safe-keeping of Preservica – the world’s most trusted cloud archiving and active preservation platform.

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Active preservation

Keeping information usable is at the core of digital preservation. Migrate obsolete file formats to newer formats over time – and at scale – so your valuable content will always be ready for use.

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Catalog integration

Seamlessly link your catalog with Preservica to boost productivity and achieve more.

Preservica synchronizes and shares metadata between systems to create a synchronized view of your archival objects. You can easily view content in Preservica by clicking through the link in your existing catalog system.

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Secure, immediate access

Make your content discoverable and immediately available to unlock the value of your information.

Open sections of your archive to the public and give authenticated users better visibility with fine-grained record access controls.

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Safe, intelligent, flexible storage

Select the right type of storage for your needs and resources. Optimize your choices for cost, durability, accessibility and scale.

Whatever options you choose, your content will always be protected with intelligent management of multiple self-healing copies and durable storage. Select our Active Cloud Escrow Backup and your information is guaranteed for 100% durability and integrity.

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Trusted living archive

Manage your archive’s structure to meet changing needs with our drag-and-drop archive explorer.

With policy controls, check-sums and audit trails, you can trust in the authenticity and safe management of your information.

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Cloud Editions

Fully cloud-hosted, out-of the-box digital preservation solutions for small to mid-sized organizations

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Enterprise Private Cloud

Added privacy, security, performance, integration and scalability available in a privately hosted preservation solution