Active digital preservation

Always view and use your information in the latest supported file format

It takes more than secure storage to make sure you can view and access your digital information in 20 or 50 years

Short technology cycles, removal of application support and risk of storage media degradation all make it more challenging to maintain long-term usability for your valuable digital assets. The termination of licensing for MP3 and the all but obsolete WordPerfect both highlight the need to ensure your information is constantly available in a currently supported file format.

Active Preservation Full

Preservica enables the active migration of files to newer formats over time and at scale.

This ensures digital information remains useable and readable across multiple format refresh cycles. As technology refresh rates increase, this migration may need to happen multiple times. Preservica’s active migration avoids the pitfalls of passive migration solutions that force a migration choice at ingest only. Preservica offers migration at ingest, on access or export, or at any time you choose.

Preservica incorporates standard file format identification and migration tools, such as DROID.

Preservica allows you to automate preservation actions and migration pathways for over 1600 different file formats – including objects embedded in complex container formats such as ZIP, WARC and Microsoft Office. In addition to active preservation, Preservica also performs background integrity health checks to protect your content against loss and corruption.

Active preservation

Classify file and identify exact file format

Identify available file format migrations and select the best path

Retain all originals for authenticity and future migrations

Repeat steps 2 to 4 at regular intervals

Preservica has combined all the core requirements for successful long-term digital preservation into a single integrated application, which can be hosted in the cloud or run on premise.

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Cloud Editions

Fully cloud-hosted, out-of the-box digital preservation solutions for small to mid-sized organizations

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Enterprise Private Cloud

Added privacy, security, performance, integration and scalability available in a privately hosted preservation solution

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