Content acquisiton

Add your information with simple and flexible tools

To ensure your valuable digital assets are safe and securely stored for long-term preservation, the ability to add your information easily and quickly is critical.

Preservica provides a rich set of out-of-the-box package adapters and tools to simplify and automate the task of ingesting content from multiple sources and systems- from PastPerfect and ContentDM, to disk images and Microsoft SharePoint. Flexible options enable you to quickly add single records, a continuous stream of digital assets or very large volumes.

Your digital information is protected once it’s safely in Preservica.

Small volumes and single records

Non-expert content contributors in your organization can easily add new records, assets and information through the simple four-step upload wizard. Archivists and records managers can upload directly to Preservica through the explorer web-interface.

Select from a wide choice of workflow and ingest actions, including the automatic creation of additional preservation or access copies.

Continuous sources of information

Regularly add assets with the effortless Transfer Agent. It runs in the background to load large files or collections of files from any content contributor without oversight.

Very large volumes of digital assets

Ensure all your information is immediately secure with Preservica’s bulk upload service that transfers assets directly from your storage location to Preservica Cloud Edition.

Simplify the challenge of uploading significant volumes of digital assets produced by a large digitization program – often much more than 10TB in size. Protect investment by ensuring new assets are added to a safe and secure digital preservation solution as soon after creation as possible.

ECM/RM records retention

Manage the long-term retention of closed operational records to meet policy, regulation, compliance or legal defence requirements.

Transferring your information assets to Preservica ensures they remain findable, readable and usable when required, even if that’s in 30 years or more.

Preservica includes package adapters for the most widely used content and records management systems and repositories, including Microsoft SharePoint.

Email preservation

Automate the bulk ingest of emails, attachments, metadata and folder structures so your critical transactions can be searched, viewed and actively preserved for the long term.

Preservica includes out-of-the-box package adapters for the most widely used email systems including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and Lotus Notes.

Archiving web pages

Configure the crawl and ingest of website content in WARC (Web ARChive) format with advanced website harvesting and archiving tools. Then view your preserved web pages with the built-in rendering capability.

With full control over the frequency, depth and breadth of the crawl you can also set up limits for time spent or amount of content harvested.

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Cloud Editions

Fully cloud-hosted, out-of the-box digital preservation solutions for small to mid-sized organizations

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Enterprise Private Cloud

Added privacy, security, performance, integration and scalability available in a privately hosted preservation solution.