A better way to archive and preserve your critical long-term OpenText content

Active archiving and preservation for OpenText Content Server

Reduce cost and complexity

Automate the archiving of long-term content into a secure cloud-based preservation platform

Rapidly access critical archived content

Use powerful full-text search to pin-point content needed for compliance, legal, governance and brand protection

Instantly view and render

View legacy and obsolete file formats at any time without the need for the original application

Ensure long-term integrity & usability

Apply retention policies and stay ahead of technology changes by migrating to the latest file formats at any time

Go beyond traditional enterprise archiving

Ensuring the accessibility and authenticity of digital information over successive technology cycles and custodians requires a different approach to traditional backup, archiving, storage and content management.

Designed for enterprise-scale deployments, our intelligent connector for OpenText Content Server automates the transfer of business critical content from across the enterprise to the long-term safe-keeping of Preservica, an OAIS ISO 14721 cloud archiving and active digital preservation platform designed from the ground-up to ensure the integrity and usability of critical business records over decades.

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How it works

Intelligent connector for OpenText

Configure rules or pre-defined lists using an easy-to-use interface that will periodically crawl OpenText Content Server identifying and transferring ready-to-archive content, metadata and folder structure to Preservica.

Opentext Connector Diagram

Enterprise-grade archiving and preservation

Content transferred into Preservica undergoes full virus checking, fixity checksum creation and file format identification. The content structure is recreated. All content is actively preserved, indexed, searchable and always instantly viewable.

Preservica's active digital preservation platform goes beyond traditional enterprise archiving combining all the core functions needed to ensure the integrity and usability of digital records over decades

Render legacy assets without the need for the original application

Ensure the integrity and usability of digital records over decades

Quickly respond to information requests with advanced full-text search

Provide secure controlled access down to an individual record level

Apply retention policies and legal holds, and automate records disposition

Enrich and harmonize records metadata overtime to meet changing needs

Meet privacy and compliance obligations, including GDPR

Reduce cost and complexity with active archiving to a secure cloud platform

Enterprise-grade private cloud

Take advantage of enterprise-grade digital preservation, integrated with your active directory authentication, without the costs and complexity of running your own data center.

For larger organizations with a priority on compliance, security and privacy, Preservica is available fully-hosted on a dedicated, private AWS or Microsoft Azure cloud.

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An extensible platform

Our intelligent connectors use an API abstraction layer which means we can add connectors for a range of other content platforms.

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Product editions

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