Preservica Editions

Flexible deployment to match your needs

Preservica is available in cloud hosted and on-premise editions

All editions provide a comprehensive suite of digital preservation technologies in one application, so you can choose how to deploy your preservation platform based on your needs and in-house resources.

Both Cloud Edition and Enterprise Edition include a full suite of OAIS conforming workflows; secure access and discovery for internal and external audiences; and Preservica’s unique active preservation technology.  With connectivity to common ECM systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, or synchronization with popular catalogs such as ArchivesSpace, CALM and Adlib, you can be confident Preservica will enhance the way you work while integrating seamlessly into your existing applications.

All new users receive in depth, topic-by-topic training webinars with our expert instructors, as well as full support, maintenance and upgrades as standard.  As an extra valuable bonus, everyone is invited to join the Preservica community of users so you can share experiences, shape product direction and learn from other organizations.

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Cloud Edition

Preservica CE is a fully cloud-hosted active preservation solution for small to mid-sized organizations, or consortia of organizations working together.

With 1 TB+ plans you can optimize your storage needs and costs by choosing where you want to store different content types. Use fast Amazon S3 for frequently accessed presentation content and low-cost Amazon Glacier for large infrequently accessed preservation content. Above 10 TB+ we offer discounted plans that will enable you to scale cost-effectively as your storage needs grow.

  • All features and benefits common to CE & EE
  • Automated ingest with out-of-the-box connectors and tools
  • Standard easy-to-use workflows for managing your information
  • Metadata held in fast Amazon RDS storage
  • All operations and hosting included
  • Amazon S3 and/or Glacier durable cloud storage
  • No need for local servers or IT resources
  • No exit fee to remove your content

US customers with Sensitive But Unclassified Information (SBU) can select Preservica CE for AWS GovCloud (US)

Preservica CE is available for single organizations or consortia of organizations working together to combine requirements.

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Enterprise Edition

Preservica EE is a modular on-premise active preservation solution for mid to-large sized organizations with in-house IT support and local storage.

Meet the demands of your organization by configuring and customizing Preservica EE to individual needs. With flexible options and pricing to match simple or more specialist environments, Preservica EE will grow with you. Preservica EE can also be hosted for you in the cloud. This offers all the benefits of the on-premise version without the need for local IT skills and resources. 

  • All features and benefits common to CE & EE
  • Automated ingest with multiple connector types
  • Fully customizable workflows
  • APIs for integration with other systems
  • Single server to multiple server, multi-tenant configurations
  • Support for local and network disk and tape storage systems
  • Cloud storage adaptors for Amazon S3, Glacier and Microsoft Azure hybrid solutions

Preservica EE is also available fully hosted for you in the cloud.

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