Safe, intelligent, flexible storage

Choose how to safely store your valuable information

Preserve your valuable assets in a durable, standards-based (OAIS ISO 14721) and cost-effective solution.

Preservica is architected to be storage-agnostic giving flexibility over where and how your information is stored.  Securely manage your information across multiple copies and multiple locations.  With active integrity checking and self-healing, you can be absolutely sure your content will be safe and ready for use when you need it.

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Choose the Cloud for scalability and quick setup, with minimal IT support

If you want easily scalable storage, with quick setup times and no need for complex IT assistance then Cloud Edition (CE) is the right solution for you.  Preservica CE uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) - the global leader in cloud – in a region of your choice and distributed across multiple locations designed to achieve 99.999999999% durability.

For US customers with Sensitive But Unclassified information (SBU) we offer Preservica CE on AWS GovCloud (US).

CE allows you to optimize costs by giving you the choice of low-latency S3 storage for content that will be regularly accessed and Amazon Glacier storage for less frequently accessed information, such as preservation copies.  With metadata held in fast-access RDS, your content searches and access requests are responded to instantly.

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Choose an on-premise or hybrid solution for demanding data management needs

If you have demanding data management requirements that need all or some of your information to be held on-site, then Enterprise Edition (EE) provides the confidence and control you need.

Preservica EE uses your local storage and can be combined with additional cloud connectors for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Oracle to create a cost-effective hybrid storage environment.

EE is ideal for mid to large organizations with in-house IT resources and a requirement for a modular digital preservation platform that can be configured and customized to individual needs.

A wide range of storage options provides choice and avoids lock-in to a single provider.

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Cloud Edition

Fully cloud hosted is ideal for small to mid-sized organizations looking for a complete out-of-the-box preservation solution

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Enterprise Edition

Modular on premise is ideal for mid to large-sized organizations with in house IT resources, looking for a customizable preservation platform.