Easy content upload and preparation

Upload, safeguard, prepare and ingest

Quickly upload content and metadata from shared drives and other vulnerable media to the safety of the online preparation area before ingest and full active digital preservation in Preservica. Upload and preparation is via an intuitive browser-based drag-and-drop interface and allows draft projects to be saved for later work.

Upload, prepare and ingest your files in 3 easy steps

Upload via drag-and-drop

Prepare and save in-progress work

Ingest into Preservica

Easy drag-and-drop upload

Drag-and-drop valuable assets and associated metadata (up to 5Gb) directly into the intuitive, browser-based upload interface.

Simple upload for larger files

Upload larger files or collections of files and metadata using industry standard tools (such as S3 Transfer or CloudBerry) to the online holding area where they can be used during preparation and appraisal.

Online pre-ingest preparation and appraisal

Appraise, prepare and arrange uploaded files and metadata in the online preparation area before ingest and active preservation in Preservica. The intuitive browser-based interface allows multiple projects to be worked on and saved for revisiting later.

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Cloud Editions

Fully cloud-hosted, out-of the-box digital preservation solutions for small to mid-sized organizations

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Enterprise Private Cloud

Added privacy, security, performance, integration and scalability available in a privately hosted preservation solution.