MER Sapient Webinar- Transition to Electronic Government: What is in a Records Sustainability Plan?

29 Sep 2020 | 1:00 PM EDT | 10:00 AM PDT

The next three years promise to be challenging ones for public sector agencies as a confluence of budget constraints, technology refresh cycles, directives, and infrastructure modernization efforts raise the bar for proactive, systematic, and efficient management of electronic government records and data. Two additions to NARA’s Universal Electronic Records Management Requirements (UERM) v2.0 release (April 2020) underscore the vulnerability of long-term and permanent electronic information assets and their associated metadata as well as provide impetus for focused discussion on records sustainability.

Risks and threats associated with technology obsolescence are well documented by analysts, academics, and archivists. Permanent government records maintained in electronic format, whether retained by an agency to meet operational needs or scheduled for eventual transfer to NARA, will require migration and other proactive measures be taken to remain viable over their lifetimes. This is reflected in NARA’s addition of digital preservation language to the UERM lifecycle phase ‘Maintain & Use.’

A new Program requirement (2.06) was added, calling on agencies to develop a records sustainability plan. This presentation and short demo by Preservica will explore capabilities and recommended practices associated with ensuring the longevity, retrievability and usability of digital assets and metadata over long periods of time.