How Preservica made news with Photo 51


We’re delighted to have had our recent work with the Wellcome Library written up in London national newspaper, The Evening Standard. The news covers the digital preservation of Photo 51, the X‑ray diffraction image of a strand of DNA taken by Dr Franklin’s PhD student, Raymond Gosling, at King’s College London. The famous photo features in a new exhibit at the Wellcome Library, who chose Preservica to safeguard its extensive online collection of medical history (now over 12 million digiitised images). Photograph 51, is also the subject and title of a new UK West end play starring Nicole Kidman as Rosalind Franklin.

reference: http://​www​.stan​dard​.co​.uk/​g​o​i​n​g​o​u​t​/​e​x​h​i​b​i​t​i​o​n​s​/​h​i​s​t​o​r​i​c​-​d​n​a​-​i​m​a​g​e​-​b​y​-​f​o​r​g​o​t​t​e​n​-​p​i​o​n​e​e​r​-​g​o​e​s​-​o​n​-​p​u​b​l​i​c​-​v​i​e​w​-​a​2953831​.html

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