Enterprise-grade archiving and active digital preservation on Microsoft Azure

Safeguard and future-proof critical long-term data

Preservica’s market-leading Enterprise Private Cloud active digital preservation platform for Microsoft Azure is designed from the ground-up to ensure critical long-term digital records and content remain accessible and authentic over decades — enabling organizations to extract value, mitigate litigation and compliance risk and intelligently leverage knowledge for competitive advantage.

The platform can be integrated with Azure AI and Machine Learning services, as well as be used to automate the archiving of long-term SharePoint content from across the enterprise.

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Deployment choice

Fully managed by Preservica, Enterprise Private Cloud is available in two Azure deployment options:

Private, dedicated Azure environment

Deployed on a private Azure environment in any region. Dedicated resources, fully managed by Preservica with low-cost cloud storage aligned to Azure rates.

Your own Azure infrastructure

Deployed on your own Azure environment fully managed by Preservica and integrated with your existing IT infrastructure.

A platform for long-term preservation and content enrichment using AI

Preservica Enterprise Private Cloud includes extensive APIs for integration with other content services platforms (CSPs) including our intelligent SharePoint connector for automated archiving and preservation of at-risk content from across the enterprise.

The platform can also leverage Azure AI and Machine Learning to enable rapid enrichment and classification of long-term content using services such as facial recognition, AV transcription, sentiment analysis, cognitive search and identification of sensitive data e.g. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for GDPR compliance.

The active digital preservation difference

Are you confident you can read and use all your current and future data regardless of file format?

Ensuring accessibility and authenticity of digital information over successive technology cycles requires a different approach to traditional backup, archiving, and content management.

Preservica’s active preservation platform is designed from the ground-up to tackle this challenge. Conforming to OAIS ISO 14721 Preservica ensures information is securely stored, immediately accessible, trustworthy and automatically transformed into formats that can be read and used by future applications.

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Automated SharePoint archiving

Take control of critical long-term and permanent content across the enterprise.

Designed for enterprise-scale deployments, our intelligent SharePoint connector automates the challenge of identifying and transferring business critical content from across the enterprise to the long-term safe-keeping of Preservica – the world’s most trusted cloud archiving and active preservation platform.

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