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Archiving & digital preservation that's part of your Microsoft 365 experience

Simplify compliance, archiving and retrieval of long-term records at scale with our game-changing Preserve365®

Introducing Preserve365®

Preserve365® turns information archiving on its head by embedding Active Digital Preservation™ right into the Microsoft SharePoint experience. No need to learn and use separate archiving tools. Maximize your investment in Microsoft rules & tools” to ensure your records can be read and trusted over decades.

Achieve information compliance at scale

Use Microsoft retention labels to simplify and automate archiving & preservation at scale

Empower users to quickly protect records

Copy long-term information or move permanent records to the archive in just a few clicks in SharePoint

Easily find and view the records you need

Use SharePoint search to quickly find archived records for FOI, compliance, brand & knowledge reuse 

Ensure records are always readable

Automatically maintain records in readable formats over decades with Active Digital Preservation

Easily meet requirements for keeping temporary long-term & permanent records

Compliance policies

Meeting minutes & recordings, Policies & budgets, Board reports, Intellectual property & trademarks​, Contracts, Personnel files, Medical records, Litigation cases

Organizational value

Contracts, Research files, Project documents, Presentations, Property, assets & planning, Engineering, CAD & building designs, Building maintenance

Brand & heritage

Digital & digitized publications, Marketing campaigns & assets, Websites, Photos, Videos, Audio recordings, Social media, Reports, Community engagement

A brand NEW way to archive & preserve SharePoint lists, libraries, folders & files at scale

Keep record transfer processes simple for end users

Quickly empower your organization to protect it's long-term & permanent content even without a file plan

  • Enable users to move or copy information in SharePoint in 3 clicks
  • Provide a standardized way of transferring content for the whole organization
  • Control who can do what with all permissions managed in Microsoft

Find & use archived content without the barriers

Easily find the content you need to meet your FOI, compliance, brand & knowledge reuse requirements

  • Enable users to self-serve archived content using native SharePoint search
  • Bring obsolete file formats back to life and read them directly in SharePoint
  • Ensure users can only find and see content they have permission to access

Safeguard the readability of records while you sleep

Automated Active Digital Preservation™ continually protects your records from file format obsolescence

  • Automatically maintain records in recommended long-term formats
  • Prove every file's authenticity and integrity with detailed checks on upload
  • Preserve record, system and user metadata for the full context of every file

Manage the complete long-term records lifecycle in Microsoft

Maximize your investment in Microsoft's ​“rules & tools” to improve compliance accuracy & user productivity

  • Configure existing record & retention labels to fully automate record transfers
  • Manually or auto archive records at the point of disposition
  • Automatically dispose of archived records in-line with your retention rules

Long-term security by design

  • Purpose built for the unique requirements of long-term data security, availability, integrity and privacy
  • ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2 and Cyber Essentials certified
  • Enterprise editions are hosted in secure & dedicated private clouds on Microsoft Azure.

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