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Digital Fragility: The Ticking Time Bomb Within Enterprises

A Forrester Report

Protect Your Corporate Memory & Future-Proof Your Brand

Why read this report:

Digital fragility has emerged as a risk to digital business, but CIOs and CMOs are failing to confront it.

Firms must preserve and protect digital information to ensure that it’s available when needed to meet business, legal, or knowledge management needs. Corporate memory, brand assets, and customer data may evaporate if measures aren’t taken to ensure its availability and accessibility.

This report outlines potential pitfalls and recommends ways that enterprise architects and other stakeholders can address them.

Report Findings Summary:

  • How corporate memory, information assets, and IP are at risk
  • Ways to use governance as a competitive edge rather than defense mechanism
  • Why enterprise architects need to actively plan for long-term retention of corporate memory
  • The role of specialty long-term digital preservation platforms and standards
  • The need to allocate the right people, budget and resources to a digital preservation program
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