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The Governance of Long-Term Digital Information: IGI 2017 benchmark highlights

Long-Term Digital Information is More Important Than Ever

In 2016 Preservica supported research by the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) to benchmark the state of the industry on the critical issue of governing and preserving long-term digital information.

In 2017 new research from the IGI, supported by Preservica, reveals that 83% of organizations aim to realize direct business value from their long-term digital information, across such areas as market analysis, product innovation, and customer service, but only a minority (16%) have a viable approach for proper governance and preservation.

The research also highlighted that 95% of organizations surveyed have critical records which need to be preserved for ten years or more. Business functions that respondents identified as relying most on long-term digital information included; Legal Operations, Financial Management and Human Resource Management.

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