Actively preserve permanent and historically valuable social media records

Active Digital Preservation for permanent Twitter records to ensure they are accessible. Forever.

Active file format preservation

Ensure tweets can be trusted and read in perpetuity


Quickly find social posts and other related content

Automated content acquisition

Capture Twitter records directly to ensure authenticity

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Enable public access online to Twitter content

Retaining permanent and historically valuable Twitter records forever requires Active Digital Preservation

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For Local Government

Elected officials, and key government agencies and departments

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For Corporate

Executive management, central, subsidiary, divisional and specific initiatives

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For Higher Education

Faculty, leadership, society and selected campaigns

Marta Crilly, Archivist for Reference and Outreach, Boston City Archives

To ensure our social media records, such as those of our elected officials, remain readable in perpetuity it was important for us to use our digital preservation platform rather than a social media archiving solution.”

How do we keep tweets alive forever?

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Stay ahead of technology changes

Keep Twitter records readable forever by preserving the individual text, image, video and metadata components using Preservica’s file format migrations. View the entire record, or specific components without accessing Twitter or downloading software

Quickly find social posts in context

With a single trusted repository respond to social media records request quickly using powerful search capabilities. Go one step further by finding other related permanent public records such as emails, websites, meeting minutes, reports, videos and more

Trust the integrity of every record

With comprehensive fixity checks, controlled access, audit trails and downloadable proof report each component of a permanent social media post will remain unchanged ensuring the records authenticity

Capture history as it is being made

In a few clicks automate the capture of important accounts of elected officials and government agencies and preserve history as it is being made. Streamline the capture of social media content and metadata and save time

Engage with your communities

Citizens can self-serve Twitter records online anytime anywhere with a customizable out of the box access portal. Save time responding to common citizen requests, support government transparency initiatives and tell valuable stories in new ways by providing the public with online access to these records for the first time

Quickly find social posts and other related content

Find out in less than 80 seconds how much more there is to Preservica

Social media preservation vs social media archiving

For organizations who need to keep social media content for the long-term, Preservica ensures files are stored safely and remain accessible and readable over decades to mitigate against technology obsolescence. In contrast, social media archiving solutions are suited to handling short-term files and cannot ensure the long-term readability or usability of critical content.

Preservica vs traditional social media archiving

Social media preservationPreservicaTraditional social media archiving

Migrate individual files to readable formats overtime to ensure records are accessible forever



Utilize a single trusted repository to quickly find tweets and other related digital records



Purpose built platform designed to look after records for the long-term. Aligned to OAIS standards



Save time capturing records from Twitter with automation



Capture records from other social media platforms

Coming soon


Easily prove a records authenticity and integrity



Enable the public to access to these important records online



Read the full tweet without using Twitter



Web and email archiving


Some vendors

An extensible platform

Our intelligent connectors use an API abstraction layer which means we can add connectors for a range of other social media platforms and you can set and forget.

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