Cloud Edition pricing

Preservica CE is a fully cloud hosted active preservation & access solution for small to mid-sized organizations and consortia

With 1 TB+ plans you can optimize your storage needs and costs by choosing where you want to store different content types. Use fast Amazon S3 for frequently accessed presentation content and low-cost Amazon Glacier for large infrequently accessed preservation content.  Above 10 TB+ we offer discounted plans (up to 50%) that will enable you to scale cost-effectively as your storage needs grow.

Storage required Price Additional storage S3 (per TB) Additional storage Glacier (per TB)


Up to 500 GB

£5,450 including 500 GB of S3 storage

Not available

Not available


1 - 10 TB

£9,350 including 1TB of S3 storage




10 TB +

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Example pricing 

A 6 TB collection with 2 TB of information which requires frequent access (in S3) and 4 TB of infrequently accessed preservation content (in Glacier):

Standard£9,350 (includes 1st TB of S3)
Additional Storage S3 £1,150 (1 TB of additional S3 storage)
Additional Storage Glacier   £1,740 (4 TB of additional glacier storage)
TOTAL (per year) £12,240

Discounted consortium pricing

Libraries, archives, universities and other institutions with common aims and requirements can work together to obtain greater discounts with our consortium pricing plans for Preservica CE.

Contact us using the form below if you would like to be part of a consortium and require more information and pricing.

Preservica CE for AWS GovCloud

US government organizations with Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) information and other compliance requirements can select Preservica CE for AWS GovCloud.

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