CurateGear 2013

We recently attended the CurateGear digital curation symposium at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In fact, we had two of our top digital preservation experts, Mark Evans and Mike Thuman attend to participate in the lightening talks and break-out sessions. It’s great to support Helen Tibbo and Cal Lee in bringing this community together to look at technology options in various stages. The spirit of this symposium is demonstrated and 35 – 40 people gathered together to see Preservica, a software as a service solution that is based on the trusted and fully developed Safety Deposit Box. Preservica is a production worthy application and it breaks many of the barriers that have been holding institutions back from quickly deploying digital curation solutions.

I invite you to check in with us on your requirements and the potential for a fast proof source and implementation of a cost effective, tried and true solution.

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Jon Tilbury

Chief Innovation Officer

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