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Secure cloud storage

Intelligent, flexible cloud storage with enhanced security

Securely manage your valuable information across multiple copies and multiple locations. Preservica is architected to be storage-agnostic giving you flexibility over where and how your information is stored.

Easy to scale cloud-hosted solutions

Preservica cloud solutions can be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure (Enterprise edition) with prices aligned to market rates.

  • Store valuable files in your preferred region & distribute copies across multiple locations
  • Low-latency S3 storage: a cost-efficient option for regularly accessed content
  • Glacier storage for less frequently accessed content, such as preservation copies
  • Preservica on AWS GovCloud (US): for US customers with Sensitive But Unclassified information (SBU)

Privacy & scalability with enterprise-grade cloud

Preservica Enterprise edition is designed for businesses and organizations that prioritize privacy and isolation of information.

  • A hosted and maintained solution in a dedicated application and private cloud network environment

  • Secure separation of resources, operational data and information between different users

  • Easily scalable resources, volume and information structures to meet changing requirements

Extend your solution with Active Cloud Escrow 

Preservica’s Active Cloud Escrow Backup gives you 100% data integrity & durability. We keep regular backups of all operational information for fast restoration, with a minimal Recover Time Objective (RTO) and a short Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

  • Connect to a second, independent cloud storage vendor within your chosen region

  • Keep additional copies across multiple vendors and geographic regions

  • Ensure you achieve industry best practice for backups

On-premise or hybrid cloud environments

For demanding data management requirements where information needs to be stored onsite, Preservica Enterprise on Premise uses your local storage and can be combined with additional cloud connectors for AWS, Microsoft Azure or Oracle to create a cost-effective, hybrid storage environment.

  • Store your information onsite or in a cost-effective hybrid storage environment.
  • Ideal for mid to large organizations with in-house IT resources 
  • Hold valuable digital information in your own data centers if required

Flexible storage options for all your needs