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Manage content & metadata

Easily enrich and organize your content & metadata

Keep your collections relevant and easy to discover with Preservica’s enhanced metadata and asset management features.

Easily organize your hierarchy

Rearrange your hierarchy at any time

Quickly add & enrich metadata

Enrich collections by adding metadata to improve discovery

Curate & update metadata in bulk

Save time & effort by editing metadata across multiple assets

Customize & extend your metadata

Easily manage & enrich metadata using standard forms or your own

A collection that moves with the times

The size of your archive — and the rules that govern it — are always changing. Preservica is a long-term preservation solution that adapts on demand, giving users the ability to update, enrich and restructure collections with ease, at any time.

Easily organize your hierarchy

  • Drag-and-drop capabilities for easy rearrangement

  • Find, enrich and organize your archive whenever it’s needed

  • Instantly view hundreds of formats

Quickly add & enrich metadata

  • Enhance collections with out-of-the box templates

  • Improve online discovery by adding metadata

  • Use full-text search to quickly handle requests

Curate & update metadata in bulk

  • Edit multiple files from one interface

  • Save time by curating collections at once

  • Bulk update, replace or delete metadata

Customize & extend your metadata

  • Powerful easy-to-use interface

  • Add your own metadata forms or customize existing ones

  • Migrate content & metadata from other systems