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Preservica for Local Government

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital preservation is all about making sure you can always quickly find, view, use and trust your digital content and records over decades or forever. This means going beyond simply storing your files to making sure they are maintained in a file format that you can instantly view and use no matter what application they were originally created in.

Preservica is a market leader in active digital preservation and the most trusted Digital Preservation platform on the market. The platform is aligned to OAIS or Open Archival Information System. OAIS refers to the Reference Model that was developed for use in facilitating a broad, discipline independent, consensus on the requirements for an archive or repository to provide long-term, preservation of digital information.

The OAIS Reference Model became the official ISO 14721 Standard in 2002, and a 2nd edition was published in 2012.

Learn more on our Digital Preservation 101 page.

From the second you upload your files they get securely stored in the cloud - with multiple copies created and held across multiple locations for 99.999999999% durability.

During upload Preservica also:

  • Creates a checksum for every file to ensure its long-term integrity and authenticity
  • Scans the file for viruses
  • Checks for duplicates
  • Accurately identifies the exact file format
  • Extracts file properties
  • Transforms files into recommended preservation formats
  • Creates access copies that you can share online with colleagues or the public
  • And more..

All this means your valuable digital content and records are safe and fully preserved in the cloud in alignment with NDSA and OAIS ISO 14721.

Unlike traditional backup, cloud storage, collections management or DAM systems that simply store your files, Preservica has been designed from to ensure your files can be quickly found, viewed and trusted over decades.

In particular, this means maintaining files in formats that can always be viewed and used no matter what application they were originally created in.

For a comparison with other systems, please click here.

Preservica Starter includes 5GB of preservation capacity for free. If you need more capacity you can add more with our ultra-low cost capacity upgrade packages or step up a level to Starter Plus, Professional or Enterprise - simply click on the capacity upgrade buttons at the top of this page.

Some, but not all, web browsers place restrictions on the maximum size of files that can be uploaded through them. Typically, if a limit is in place, this is up to 4GB, but this can vary depending on the specific web browser. Larger uploads can be achieved using cloud transfer tools, available to Professional & Enterprise users.

Yes, by upgrading to Starter Plus, Professional or Enterprise you can brand your access & discovery portal to include your organizations logo, header image, title and supporting descriptive information. You also have the option to customize the URL of your portal. You can also view a wide range of live access portals in our public access showcase.

As your collections grow or when you need our more advanced features you can seamlessly upgrade to Professional or Enterprise editions, and still use the content and metadata you uploaded to Preservica Starter.

Try out Professional edition free of charge! Simply request a free trial here

To learn more and get a quote for Enterprise edition click here

You can quickly find answers to your questions on the Community Hub. The Community Hub is packed full of tips, best practice, documentation & how-to videos. Professional and Enterprise users can also log in to raise a ticket, or check the status of an existing one on the Preservica service desk.