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Transform how you
archive your govern your access your preserve your
long-term records in Microsoft 365

Preserve365® seamlessly embeds Active Digital Preservation™ archiving in Microsoft 365 to ensure your long-term records are protected & always available in the latest readable file formats. Over decades.

Simplify archiving and Digital Preservation in Microsoft 365

Preserve365® seamlessly embeds Preservica’s Active Digital Preservation™ archiving right into your Microsoft 365 and SharePoint experience. No need for separate information archiving tools, simply use Microsoft 365 to automate long-term records governance, archiving, digital preservation and access at scale. 

Securely archive records in just a few clicks

Quickly archive files, folders, lists and libraries in just a few clicks in SharePoint

Automate records governance at scale

Use Microsoft retention labels to simplify and automate archiving & digital preservation at scale

Easily find and view archived records

Use SharePoint search to quickly find archived records for FOI, compliance, brand & knowledge reuse

Ensure records are always readable

Automatically maintain records in the latest readable formats over decades with Active Digital Preservation™

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Now you can use Microsoft 365 to automate the archiving and digital preservation of SharePoint lists, libraries, folders & files at scale

Securely transfer records to the archive in just a few clicks

Eliminate time-consuming exports & uploads of records. Ensure records integrity and security by moving files, folders, lists and libraries directly to the archive in just a few clicks in SharePoint. Streamline further using your existing Microsoft retention labels to automate disposition actions.

Automate governance across the full records lifecycle

Use your existing Microsoft 365 permissions and retention labels to automate disposition actions across the full records lifecycle - at scale. Copy or move long-term temporary and permanent archival records to the archive to ensure they are always available in the very latest actionable formats.

Empower users to quickly self-serve the records they need

Using SharePoint search users can quickly find the archived records they have permissions for to meet compliance, FOI, legal and operational challenges. Active Digital Preservation ensures records are always instantly readable and actionable without needing the original application.

Automatically ensure your records can always be read and trusted

Active Digital Preservation continuously protects your long-term records from file format obsolescence. Automatically bring legacy records back to life and keep records in always readable formats - all in alignment with your selected policy. Prove the authenticity of your records with checksums, audit trails and full context metadata for every file.

Information for IT leaders

Close the capabilities gap. Discover why regular archiving & storage falls short when it comes to avoiding data loss & reducing compliance risks for content that must be retained long term

Optimize repository costs and reduce clutter

Easily move inactive files, folders, lists and libraries to the archive in just a few clicks in SharePoint. Consolidate records from legacy system migrations into the archive and make them available to business and information governance users through SharePoint in the very latest readable formats.

Ensure the security and integrity of your data over the long-term

Preservica's trusted Active Digital Preservation platform is purpose designed for the unique requirements of ensuring the long-term security, availability, integrity and privacy of your data. It is ISO 27001 certified, with encryption in transit and at rest and uses Microsoft 365 permissions to secure access.

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Deliver compliance accuracy and efficiency across your organization

Achieve governance at scale

Unify records governance across the full lifecycle using Microsoft permissions and retention labels to automate disposition actions and ensure the reabability of your long-term records at scale.

Streamline transfers

Eliminate the manual export & upload of permanent records. Securely move files, folders, lists and libraries direct to the archive in just a few clicks in SharePoint. Automate further with Microsoft retention labels.

Easy & fast self-service

Quickly respond to FOI, legal and compliance challenges by using Microsoft 365 search and discovery to retrieve archived records you have permissions for in always instantly readable formats.

Close the capability gap

Go beyond regular archiving & backup to appropriately manage long-term content. Ensure you can always keep important information readable, trusted & easily discoverable to effectively meet FOI, regulatory & legal mandates.

Part of your Microsoft 365 experience and ecosystem

Preserve365 seamlessly embeds Preservica's Active Digital Preservation archiving right into your Microsoft 365 and SharePoint experience. Use Microsoft 365 to automate long-term records governance, archiving, preservation and access at scale. Automatically ensure your records are always kept in readable formats with the full context for assured authenticity.

Available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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