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Preserve365 enhances archival transfer capabilities for ultimate control of your Microsoft SharePoint documents

Upgraded features to enable the seamless transfer of Microsoft SharePoint content to local or central archives based on need and classification.

March 28, 2024

Boston, MA and Abingdon, UK / March 27, 2024 / Preservica announces expanded capabilities for Preserve365®, just months after its launch. Preserve365 was designed to simplify compliance by integrating archiving, Active Digital Preservation and record retrieval into the Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft SharePoint experience. These enhancements provide robust support for managing the transfer of content to either local or central archives.

Using “many to many” technology, this new feature enables content transfers from one SharePoint repository to independent archival locations in just a few clicks. Conversely, it enables content migration from multiple SharePoint repositories to a central archive location. This offers ultimate control over where permanent and long-term records are archived and preserved to meet compliance and records retention policies.

A revolution in governance and management of critical records for all sectors and industry types.

For State Government – establish consistent policies and processes to systematically transfer state archive designated records and content directly from department and agency SharePoint repositories, in line with permanent records retention mandates.

For Government Agencies – adhere to central policies for the transfer of permanent records to the state archives whilst also protecting the long term and permanent records you need to retain in your own local archive.

For Businesses – manage critical records from departments, branch offices and subsidiaries in a compliant and auditable way. Quickly implement an integrated policy and process that allows long term and permanent records to be moved securely from independent SharePoint sites to a centrally managed archive in accordance with compliance and retention requirements.

Maximize your investment in Microsoft 365

This newest enhancement builds on the embedded nature of archiving and preservation that Preserve365 enables within Microsoft 365. Organizations can maximize their investment in a single information governance strategy across the records lifecycle without needing to learn and use vendor specific, single-use tools.

Preserve365 also embeds Preservica’s unique Active Digital Preservation archiving technology to minimize the risk of data obsolescence by automatically maintaining long-term records in trusted readable file formats - ensuring they can always be quickly found and actioned over decades for FOI, compliance, legal, brand value and knowledge reuse needs.

Use Preserve365 to easily establish common policy and practices for archival content, reduce data loss and compliance risk and enable you to ensure the readability your critical Microsoft 365 documents and records for their lifetime.

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Preservica is changing the way thousands of organizations around the world protect and re-use long-term digital information. Our unique patent pending Active Digital Preservation™ archiving software automatically keeps every file alive in future-friendly formats over decades. This means critical, high-value information can always be quickly found and actioned for FOI, compliance, legal, brand, knowledge reuse and cultural needs.

It’s a proven solution that's trusted by 1000s of corporations, archives, libraries, museums and government organizations around the world - including the UK National Archives, Texas State Library and Archives, MoMA, Yale and HSBC - to name a few.

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