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Easy upload & preservation

Quickly upload & grow your digital archive

Keep a thriving, active collection with easy uploads and preservation actions

Familiar drag & drop upload of files and folders

Use drag & drop and easily upload files, folders, .zip, WARC, PST & email

Automate file preservation actions

Transform files on upload to preservation & access formats

Quickly clear your collections backlog

Simple guided bulk upload of files and metadata in CSV format

Invite others to contribute to your archive

Securely invite & manage submissions from contributors & grow your archive

Familiar drag & drop upload of files and folders

  • Simple to use upload, including large files (up to 50GB)

  • Safely preserve your valuable content in the cloud

  • Automated file preservation aligned to NDSA & OAIS

Automate file preservation actions

  • Ensure ongoing usability & integrity of your content

  • Transform files into preservation formats on upload

  • Create access copies to share online

Quickly clear your collections backlog

  • Update multiple files with bulk metadata upload

  • Additional curation from a single interface

  • Easily configure folder structure on upload

Invite others to contribute to your archive

  • Streamline content acquisition & grow your archive

  • Standardized & secure for others to contribute

  • Save time that can now be spent on curation

Simplify the transfer of large volumes

  • Simplify the challenge of uploading high volumes of digital assets

  • Ensure your information is immediately secure and accessible

  • Protect your investment in digitization projects