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Keep your most
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Preservica’s Active Digital Preservation™ automatically ensures your digital files can always be read & trusted over decades no matter the original format.

Digital Preservation software: Protecting your assets

With Preservica’s Active Digital Preservation™ archiving you can say goodbye to unreadable files and the risk of long-term data loss and hello to next-level data integrity, security and sustainability.

Fully automated preservation

Set it and forget it. Our unique Active Digital Preservation™ automatically keeps your digital assets alive in readable, future-friendly formats

Instant retrieval & access

Never dig for records again. Quickly and securely find the records you need for FOI, compliance, cultural, brand value and knowledge reuse

Embedded in Microsoft 365

Make records preservation and retrieval part of your Microsoft 365 and SharePoint experience with our game-changing Preserve365®

Assured authenticity

Every file is precious. Preservica creates checksums and captures the full context of every file so you can always demonstrate its authenticity

NEW! Archiving & Digital Preservation that’s part of your Microsoft 365 experience

The Active Digital Preservation™ difference

Regular archiving and storage fall short when it comes to ensuring you can read your digital assets over decades. Our Active Digital Preservation™ archiving is purpose-built for the task!

Regular archiving & storage

  • Risk long-term data loss from unreadable files
  • Risk files being changed, deleted or becoming obsolete
  • Risk not meeting compliance, legal or FOI requests
  • Fail to unlock the full value of your data

Active Digital Preservation™ 

  • Quickly find and read every file when needed
  • Demonstrate the provenance and authenticity of every file
  • Confidently meet compliance & protect long-term value
  • Provide secure self-service for departments and public

Every file is precious

Trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide to protect billions of unique digital assets

A family of solutions for all your preservation & archiving needs

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