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New generation Professional edition

Advanced Active Digital Preservation™ archiving & discovery software

Professional edition combines the simplicity of our new generation user interface with added power, flexibility and storage capacity to ensure the long-term security, accessibility and authenticity of your digital collections

A powerful easy-to-use solution that includes greater control, flexibility and customization

Professional edition includes an array of powerful innovations that enable archivists, records managers and information professionals to further simplify and automate the future proofing of high-value digital content for compliance and long-term value protection.

Quickly upload & grow your digital archive

Easily upload your valuable collections & invite others to contribute to your archive

Customize & extend your metadata

Easily manage, enrich and edit metadata using standard schemas or create your own

Ensure your content is always readable

Automatically maintain records in the latest readable formats with Active Digital Preservation™

Extend and integrate into your content ecosystem

Leverage Preservica’s extensive API library for seamless data exchange with other software applications

Quickly upload & invite others to contribute to your archive

Quickly safeguard your content with familiar drag & drop of files & folders including large files up to 50GB. Easily clear down your backlog using simple guided bulk upload of files and metadata in CSV format. Streamline content acquisition & grow your archive by inviting others to contribute to your archive – with secure and easy management of submissions from external contributors.

Easily enrich and organize your content & metadata

Keep your collections relevant and easy to discover with enhanced metadata and asset management features in Professional. Easily adapt to changes in size and rules that govern your archive with the ability to update, enrich and restructure collections with ease, at scale - any time. Add your own metadata schemas or customize existing ones.

Automatically maintain records in the latest readable formats with Active Digital Preservation™

Preservica’s unique Active Digital Preservation™ continuously protects your long-term data from file format obsolescence, automatically bringing data back to life and keeping it in always readable formats. Prove the authenticity of your data with checksums, audit trails and full context metadata for every file, and decommission expensive legacy systems with confidence, saving both cost and overhead.

Engage your communities online with built-in access & discovery

Provide instant access and engage online audiences with a secure & customizable portal, with optional IIIF compliant viewing for deep zoom & pan on high-res image. Professional gives you the power to easily & securely control how you share your content, including password protection and a private/public switch. Control access and actions down to an individual asset level with fully configurable user roles and permissions.

Extend and integrate Professional into your content ecosystem

Leverage Preservica’s extensive API library for seamless data exchange with other software applications, including the ability to seamlessly link your catalog with Professional. Maintain a synchronized view of your archival objects and eliminate the need to re-key descriptive metadata or manually recreate collection hierarchies.

Trusted by organizations around the world

“We can now say that we are moving toward digital preservation according to best practices. How many small institutions can say that?”

Joan Curbow, Reference Librarian and Archivist, Buena Vista University

“I now have an automated & secure way to invite departmental record coordinators to submit reports, minutes, charts & evidence of departmental activity ensuring they are properly preserved and accessible for the long-term.”

Brad Houston, Records Officer, City of Milwaukee

New Generation Professional Datasheet

Our New Generation Professional edition combines the simplicity of our new generation user interface with added power, flexibility and storage capacity - download the datasheet here.

Protecting the official long-term digital records of the UK Cabinet Office

The UK Cabinet Office partner with Preservica to ensure the long-term integrity and accessibility of the official digital records of the Cabinet and Prime Minister.


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