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Access and discovery

Engage your communities online with built-in access & discovery

Engage communities around the world with your own online access and public discovery portal, easily customized in-product.

Easily make your files & records available online

Excite visitors & enable discovery with powerful advanced search

Control what you share publicly

Simple in product switch to choose whether content is Private or Public

Personalize with your brand & mission

Create a highly engaging experience & generate value

Track usage with Google Analytics integration

Get detailed insights into visitor interactions with your collections

Provide instant online access to your digital collections

Easily make your files & records available online

  • Open your digital archive to a new set of audiences

  • Invite your community to “favorite” & share on social media

  • Provide self-service for records & research requests

Control what you share with the public

  • Share content online with colleagues or the public

  • Simple in-product toggle to make content Private or Public

  • Keep assets private & secure with a password enabled portal

Personalize with your brand & mission

  • Reflect your brand and mission statement

  • Showcase your archive and history to stand out from the industry

  • Customize your portal URL

Track usage with Google Analytics integration

  • Quickly configure Google Analytics integration

  • Gain actionable insights into user behavior, impressions, and other analytics

  • Track collection trends over time