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Meet compliance challenges with secure data preservation

Secure immediate access to your most critical digital assets and records over decades

Secure actionable data over decades

Our Active Digital Preservation™ technology eliminates the risk of long-term data loss by automatically maintaining your most critical records & assets in always readable formats

Meet compliance challenges

Demonstrate long-term ESG and quickly retrieve actionable records for compliance and regulatory audits

Protect brand value

Build value with authentic long-term assets for deeper storytelling, retro-branding and employee engagement

Drive innovation

Document and inspire new product innovation. Protect Intellectual Property (IP) and defend Trademarks

Embed in Microsoft 365

Empower users by making records preservation & retrieval a seamless part of the Microsoft 365 experience

Trusted by brands & corporations around the world

Preservica is trusted by businesses worldwide to meet the highest levels of security, reliability and performance.

Quickly retrieve compliance and governance records when needed

  • Evidence decision making, policies, reports, shareholdings and ESG 
  • Rapidly meet ​“burden-of-proof” challenges for regulatory audits
  • Enable compliance @scale with seamless archiving for Microsoft 365

Reuse authentic brand assets over decades

  • Create anniversary storytelling and social media campaigns
  • Engage employees and share your rich history with public access
  • Reuse oral histories, videos, photographs and marketing assets

Inspire and protect new product innovation

  • Document product innovation and reuse knowledge long-term  
  • Inspire new innovation, retro-products and protect IP
  • Demonstrate "proof-of-use" for Trademark defense

Simplify compliance and archiving with Preserve365®

  • Make Active Digital Preservation part of the Microsoft 365 experience 
  • Simplify compliance with easy move, copy & search inside SharePoint
  • No need to learn and use separate archiving software

“The corporate archive is an invaluable long-term resource for the Associated Press. With Preservica, people are astounded by the speed we can now provide information to the organization. That accessibility has proved to be indispensable and is really valued by our stakeholders.”

Valerie Komor, Director, AP Corporate Archives

“Critical digital information is being created every day, at high volume. Preservica helps us govern information over the long-term and integrates with our existing systems to give a single, cohesive view of our most important information assets.”

Tina Staples, Head of Global Archives, HSBC

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Make records preservation & retrieval part of the Microsoft 365 experience

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Long-term security by design

Preservica is purpose built for the unique requirements of long-term data security, availability, integrity and privacy. We are ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2 and Cyber Essentials certified and our Enterprise edition is hosted in a secure dedicated private cloud on AWS or Microsoft Azure.

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