Accelerated Success

Proactive expert service delivering best practice guidance to help you maximize value

Policy driven actions

Tailored and personal approach focused on your use case & objectives

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Accelerate digital preservation projects & protect content sooner

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Dedicated advice and best practice guidance from digital preservation experts

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Faster time to value for your digital preservation investment

Accelerate your digital preservation projects

Customer success is a top priority at Preservica. That’s why our Customer Experience (CX) team have built a service to provide tailored onboarding support and proactive, personalized best practice guidance.

Designed for Preservica Enterprise Private Cloud and on-Premise customers, the team utilize a range of online tools to connect and collaborate with customers, with the ultimate goal of accelerating time to value and achieving faster success for your digital archiving and preservation program or projects.

Your dedicated digital preservation expert will work closely with you to:


Analyze backlog

Analyze location & content backlog to define the best method for ingest into Preservica

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Structure your archive

Document agreed upon archival structure & create guidelines on content ingest and file plan structure

Trusted living archive

Manage metadata

Provide advice on adding or customizing metadata schemas including how to ingest, index and enrich metadata

Secure authenticated access

Document access controls

Define, configure & document required access control roles and security tags

Automated content acquisition

Upload large volumes

Advice on uploading & ingesting large volumes of content quickly and efficiently


Define policies

Guidance on preservation & storage policies, analyzing existing file formats and how to optimize storage to manage costs

What’s included with Accelerated Success?

In addition to receiving the highest levels of customer support, online training and access to the Preservica user community events & forums — Accelerated Success also includes the following:

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Accelerated Success brochure

Download the brochure which includes everything you need know about the Accelerated Success service, perfect for sharing with colleagues and stakeholders.


Enterprise-grade private cloud

Take advantage of enterprise-grade digital preservation, integrated with your active directory authentication, without the costs and complexity of running your own data center.

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Join a global community at the forefront of digital preservation

Preservica’s global user community is at the forefront of digital preservation, forming a lively, supportive community that stretches across the globe.

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Next generation archiving and active digital preservation in the cloud

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