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The world's cultural, economic, social and political memory is at risk. Our mission is to protect it.

Protecting the world’s digital memory

Preservica is changing the way organizations around the world future-proof and access critical long-term digital information – enabling companies to drive innovation, confidently meet compliance and legal requirements and safeguard digital content of unique cultural and brand importance.

Proven & trusted

Digital content is fragile, and the pressing need to protect and access critical long-term information assets cuts across every sector - from financial services to education.

Our world-leading cloud-hosted (SaaS) and on-premise active digital preservation software is trusted by a rapidly growing customer base of organizations across the globe - from major corporations, to government bodies, and iconic cultural institutions - including HSBC, AP, BT, Yale, MoMA, 19 US state archives and 15 national and pan-national archives.

A decade of innovation and expertise

Our award-winning active digital preservation software draws on over a decade of ground-breaking research and collaboration with leading national archives and the wider preservation community - from developing the DROID file identification tool to shaping the standards and tools for digital preservation.

We work closely with leading industry bodies – including the IGI, ARA, IRMS, ARMA, CoSA, NAGARA, DPC and AIIM - on joint education and advocacy to highlight the value of properly governing long-term digital information.

Leaders in active digital preservation

Ensuring the accessibility and authenticity of digital information over successive technology cycles and custodians requires a different approach to traditional backup, archiving, storage and content management.

Preservica’s standards-based (OAIS ISO 14721) active preservation software combines all the critical capabilities of successful long-term digital preservation into a single integrated platform. It keeps content safely stored, makes sure it can be found and trusted, provides secure immediate access, and automatically updates files to future-friendly formats.

A clear vision

Our product vision is a world where active digital preservation is business as usual, seamlessly integrated into the systems that manage and protect our most valuable digital information. A world where the potential of our digital memory is harnessed to enrich and protect our cultural, social, economic and political lives.

The world's cultural, social, economic and political memory is at risk.
Partner with us to protect it.

Preservica has been architected with flexibility in mind, from how it can be deployed to its workflow engine, APIs, and intelligent storage framework. Our partners help us extend our reach and expand our offering to more organizations around the world - and you could join them.

The team behind the product

Preservica is developed and supported by the smartest commercial and software engineering minds in the business. We strive to make complex things easy. It's what we're good at.

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Our user community

Our users have become a growing global community, shaping the future of digital preservation.

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Preservica at a glance...

A Gartner **"Cool Vendor"**

A Gartner "Cool Vendor"

**ISO 9001** and **ISO 27001** certified

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

Developers of the <br>  **DROID file identification tool**

Developers of the
DROID file identification tool

**100,000,000+** <br> vital digital files protected

vital digital files protected

Recognized leaders with <br> **over a decade of experience**

Recognized leaders with
over a decade of experience

Protecting over **1800 formats** <br> and **600 migration pathways**

Protecting over 1800 formats
and 600 migration pathways

Preservica is trusted by...

**4 of the 10**<br>Top UK largest businesses

4 of the 10
Top UK largest businesses

**23** US State Archives

23 US State Archives

**16 national and pan-national**<br>
archives and libraries

16 national and pan-national
archives and libraries

**200+ customers across 14 countries**<br>
world-wide - and growing fast

200+ customers across 14 countries
world-wide - and growing fast

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