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Expand your offering with a fully-supported partnership

Preservica partner types

Hosting and Storage Partners

You proved a secure and trusted cloud hosting or digital storage platform

Digitization Partners

You provide specialist archival services to convert analog materials of various formats into digital copies that require long-term digital preservation

Solution Partners

You sell a software application or service that creates content that requires long-term digital preservation or compliments digital preservation capabilities

Consulting and Service Partners

You provide consulting or other services that enable organizations to plan for system implementation and better manage their digital content

All the support you need

The Preservica partner program provides business, technical, marketing and go-to-market services to help you expand your offering and grow your business. As a program member, you have access to the latest Preservica products to showcase how you can help your customers protect critical long-term digital information. We’ll equip you with the sales and marketing knowledge to do this confidently and provide all the relevant support you need.

The opportunity

According to IGI research, nearly every organization, across every sector, has large volumes of valuable digital information that needs to be kept long-term (10+ years)

Gartner is highlighting long-term digital preservation as a distinct requirement that needs a different approach (and technology) to traditional archiving and content management

How to make the most of it

Use Preservica’s active digital preservation platform to augment and differentiate your current solutions and services

Be at the forefront of the rapidly growing digital preservation market

Why Preservica

Innovative products and solutions that address this critical and growing business need

Recognized leader in digital preservation with over a decade of expertise

A Gartner Cool Vendor

A unique active digital preservation platform, trusted and proven at major corporations and institutions around the world

Equity-backed, with active plans to grow through partnership

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