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Protecting the official long-term digital records of the UK Cabinet Office

The UK Cabinet Office partner with Preservica to ensure the long-term integrity and accessibility of the official digital records of the Cabinet and Prime Minister.

The 3 main challenges to overcome

Having to manage different records & formats across disparate systems

Records stored in multiple locations impacts effective search, retrieval & utilization

Caring for records stored in live systems that are regularly re-platformed

Each time a record is migrated it increases the risk of file & metadata corruption or loss

Needing a scalable way to safeguard records during long-term retention

From creation changes, deletions & unauthorized access to records must be prevented

With Preservica the Cabinet Office can now…

Simplify the management of long-term records at scale

Record are consolidated from disparate systems into one central digital repository to protect, preserve & prepare records prior to transferring to The National Archives.

Reduce time to respond to requests for information

The search & retrieval of records, including across different email collections, is simpler, reducing the time it takes to find records for FOI requests & other enquiries

Keep digital records safe & trusted for 20+ years

The continued accessibility, readability, authenticity & integrity of records is assured whilst preventing unauthorized access, alteration or deletion

Maintain the continuity of government operations​

Records are stored separately from day-to-day systems ensuring strong disaster recovery contingency, with 100% data integrity and durability guaranteed

Just some of the other reasons why Cabinet Office chose Preservica

  • Met critical security, information assurance & ISO standard requirements
  • Trusted by leading organizations such as The National Archives & the Parliamentary Archives
  • Out of the box Digital Preservation capabilities & UK data storage
  • Integrates with Axiell Collections so both paper & digital records can be cataloged in one system
  • Preservica's Accelerated Success team provided comprehensive & valuable support to help meet complex implementation needs

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