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Modernize preservation & access to government records

Upload, preserve, organize and provide secure access to records — all from one easy-to-use application

Drive efficiency

Replace legacy systems and microfilm and paper processes with modern digital workflows 

Streamline requests

Quickly respond to public records requests with advanced search and always readable records

Provide self-service

Enable departments and citizens to quickly and securely find the records they need 

Ensure long-term access

Automatically maintain records in recommended long-term formats aligned to your policy

“Replacing our legacy physical and digital media with digital preservation has made us far more efficient - cutting records request times from days to minutes and providing easy, secure self-service for our Court and other departments.”

Robin Heise, Records & Archives Manager, Greene County Records Center

“I now have an automated & secure way to invite departmental record coordinators to submit reports, minutes, charts & evidence of departmental activity ensuring they are properly preserved and accessible for the long-term.”

Brad Houston, Records Officer, City of Milwaukee

“We've significantly cut the time needed to handle Probate records requests. Previously we had to share files over 4 or more emails - now I can simply upload and share through the online portal. It’s that easy.”

Tina Ratcliff, Records Manager, Montgomery County

“I never thought I would say this about digital preservation, but Preservica Starter is fun! It’s easy to use and has great features that I enjoy working with to upload, organize and enrich our historic county government records, as well as historical videos and special collections.”

Rebekah Davis, Archivist, Limestone County

Ready-made for government teams

Preservica for Local Government comes with pre-configured templates for a wide range of government records workflows. Watch our Boards & Commissions records example.

Digital workflows for all your long-term and permanent government records

Modernize preservation & access to Court, Boards, Historical, Vitals, Land… and more.

Quickly assemble Court records for new or re-opened cases

  • Enable Court departments to securely self-serve the records they need
  • Easily upload and organize digitized records by Court departments
  • Automatically preserve to ensure long-term access

Easily publish records of your Boards & Commissions 

  • Invite Boards to quickly submit public proceedings, minutes and resolutions 

  • Publish to your own easy-to-brand Citizen portal with a single click

  • Ensure public records are automatically preserved for permanent access

Securely preserve permanent Land and Vital records

  • Replace outdated microfilming and paper processes

  • Ensure continuity with "safe & separate" preservation in the cloud

  • Quickly upload and organize with ready-made templates

  • Automatically maintain records in always readable formats 

Enrich engagement with your local community

  • Easily upload, organize and invite contribution of historical materials 

  • Quickly publish to your own easy-to-brand public portal

  • Respond to records requests in minutes rather than days

  • Automatically preserve for future generations

A family of solutions for all your preservation & archiving needs

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Trusted by federal, state and local leaders

The growing community of government organizations using Preservica to meet recordkeeping mandates around the world includes 26 US state archives as well as many city, county, state, provincial and national agencies

Collaborate with your peers and get hands-on (for free) with our Local Government application

Long-term security by design

Preservica has been certified for the very highest levels of security, reliability and performance for government workloads as an AWS Government Competency and Microsoft Azure partner.

UK Government

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Dutch Government

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Preservica educational series

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