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Transforming records preservation and access at Greene County, Ohio

Robin Heise, Records & Archives Manager, Greene County Records Center

Secure online access to records for County departments

Rapid handling of public requests for all types of digital records 

Automatic transformation of digital records into always readable and trusted formats

Over 10 million digitized & born-digital records preserved and accessible 

Cutting records handling & request times from days to minutes

Founded in 1803 and famous for its association with the Wright Brothers, Greene County, Ohio has grown to become a busy jurisdiction. 

Robin has transformed the County’s records handling by introducing Preservica’s Active Digital Preservation software, replacing manual microfilm and paper records processes with efficient digital workflows that have cut records request times from days to just minutes.

Easy & secure self-service for Court and other departments

  • Secure access by department using pre-configured roles and permissions
  • Powerful full-text search or browse
  • Reduced burden on the records team

Faster records request handling

  • Records organized by department using folder and metadata templates
  • One system to search 
  • Built-in online portal for easy sharing of records with citizens

Always readable digital records

  • Automatically maintain records in always readable formats
  • Checksums for every record to ensure integrity and authenticity
  • Proven and trusted at all levels of government

One trusted repository for all the County’s records

  • Easy, efficient records search all in one place
  • Digitized and born-digital records including video, audio, websites and images
  • Templates for Boards & Commissions, Court, Land, Vitals and historical
  • Easy bulk upload and departmental submission of records

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