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Protect your archives and archival records with the world’s most trusted cloud archiving and active digital preservation platform.

Online exhibitions

Use virtual collections to run temporary online exhibitions

Donor collections

Reassure and attract donors with a standards-based repository

Institutional records

Manage and safeguard your institutional records

Catalog synchronization

Synchronize metadata with popular catalog systems

Preserve, manage, and share your most unique archives

Unlike traditional archiving, Preservica is built from the ground up with everything you need to preserve, flexibly manage and provide secure access to your unique digitized and born-digital content — all in one integrated and fully supported application.

Unlock the value of your digital artifacts, reach new audiences, and enrich your archive to stay more relevant than ever. Preservica is designed for ease-of-use by anyone, including public donors, non-expert users, content management systems and digitization programs.

Archives around the world choose Preservica

Our active digital preservation and access software is trusted by archives of all sizes around the world.


Leading pan-national & national archives


U.S. state archives

Major corporate archives

At BT, HSBC, the Associated Press & the World Bank

Independent archives

At the Royal College of Nursing, the American Institute of Architects & the Trustees

Preservica: first choice for archives around the world

Preservica’s active digital preservation and access software is trusted by an incredible array of archives of all sizes around world – including 15 leading pan-national and national archives, 18 US state archives, major corporate archives at BT, HSBC, Unilever, the Associated Press and the World Bank – as well as many smaller, but equally important, archives such as the Royal College of Nursing, the American Institute of Architects and the Trustees.

Designed for existing workflows

Preservica is available hosted in the cloud or on-premise, and integrates with leading catalog, content management and email systems in archives around the world.

  • A trusted standards-based (OAIS ISO 14721) repository

  • A living archive that creates real value for your organization

  • Accept and work with content from many different sources

  • Securely share content with the public, researchers and internal users

  • Dynamically rearrange your archive to meet changing needs

  • Flexibly enrich and add to metadata over time

  • Synchronize metadata with popular catalog systems

  • Automate ingest from content management and email systems

  • Make it easy for non-expert users to contribute new content

  • Preserve all types of content from digitized images, to websites, emails and video

  • Easily upload large gigabyte files and multi-terabyte collections

  • Optimize costs and durability with flexible storage choices

  • Save time and money by combining preservation and access in one application

  • Actively preserve your digital collections for future generations

  • Manage and safeguard institutional and corporate records

Future-proof your archive with Preservica

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Building a living archive for future generations

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The organizations that use Preservica form a lively, supportive community that stretches across the globe. Our users regularly gather online and face-to-face to shape the future of the product, and the future of digital preservation itself.

Achieving success in digital preservation

Discover how Preservica users have utilized Preservica’s active digital preservation software to successfully raise the profile of their archive and demonstrate value.