Developing a coherent approach to managing large hybrid archives

3 Jul 2014

Developing a single coherent approach to structuring and managing large hybrid archives — that encompass physical, digitized and born digital assets — is a significant challenge facing many pan-national, national, regional and business archives and libraries.

In this webinar, with guest speaker Chris Hilton, Senior Archivist at the Wellcome Trust (with over 5M digitized images and other files), we will explore practical ways of structuring a shared metadata model and integrating digital archiving/​preservation with other systems, such as catalogues and large-scale digitization programmes, to develop a coherent, manageable approach to large hybrid archives. 

What you will learn: 

  • How other organizations are approaching the challenge of structuring and managing large hybrid archives 
  • How other organizations are building a single coherent metadata model across physical, digitized and born digital assets 
  • How other organizations are seamlessly integrating digital preservation with large scale cataloguing and digitization programmes 


  • Archivists, Librarians, Record Managers, Business Decision Makers, IT professionals 

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