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Archives and Records Association and Preservica announce schedule for Practical Digital Preservation 2015

Dates and booking for Practical Digital Preservation 2015 workshops and webinars now open for Archives and Records Association (ARA) UK & Ireland members.

Washington DC, US and Oxford, UK | Tuesday November 25 2014 | Preservica, part of the Tessella group, and a world leader in digital preservation technology, research and consulting, is pleased to announce dates and booking details for the Preservica and Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) programme of Practical Digital Preservation workshops and webinars:

For details visit http://​www​.archives​.org​.uk/​e​v​e​n​t​s​/​d​i​s​p​l​a​y​.html

The Practical Digital Preservation 2015 training programme will focus on pragmatic methods and techniques for managing, preserving and providing access to public and commercial sector digital records, and will promote the development of a dynamic, ongoing community of ARA members sharing best practices for Digital Preservation. The programme, which is free of charge to ARA members, will include a series of one day educational workshops across ARA UK and Ireland regions and webinars on how to” topics covering implementation, use of the Cloud, practical case studies and integration with records management.

John Chambers, CEO of ARA, adds Having the knowledge and hands-on experience of how to properly manage and preserve an increasing volume of digital content is a vital skill for our members to have. We are therefore delighted to announce the availability of the Practical Digital Preservation 2015 training programme in conjunction with Preservica, and look forward to a growing community of ARA members sharing best practice in Digital Preservation”.

Preservica Chief Executive Jon Tilbury adds, Preservica’s Digital Preservation and Access technology is already in use at a number of ARA member organizations and we look forward to working with ARA to share practical experiences of implementing and managing Digital Preservation governance and systems”.

Practical Digital Preservation 2015 

One-day workshops

  • Practical OAIS Digital Preservation — 28th January 2015 in London
  • Practical OAIS Digital Preservation — 25th February 2015 in Birmingham
  • The 5 Step Digital Preservation Journey — 25th March 2015 in London
  • Practical OAIS Digital Preservation — 22nd April 2015 in Edinburgh
  • Practical OAIS Digital Preservation — 20th May 2015 in Bristol
  • The 5 Step Digital Preservation Journey — 17th June 2015 in Birmingham

1 hour live online Webinars (11am – 12pm UK time)

  • Digital Preservation in the Cloud — 21st January 2015
  • Achieving ISO Standard for Digital Preservation – 18th February 2015
  • Aligning Records Management with Digital Preservation – 18th March 2015
  • Synchronising Axiell CALM with Digital Preservation – 15th April 2015
  • New Ways of Ensuring Access to your Digital Archive – 13th May 2015
  • Digital Preservation in the real world: case studies – 10th June 2015

More details at http://​www​.archives​.org​.uk/​e​v​e​n​t​s​/​d​i​s​p​l​a​y​.html

Notes to the Media

About Preservica
Preservica is a world leader in digital preservation technology, consulting and research. Our active preservation solutions are used by leading archives, libraries, museums, government organizations and businesses across four continents to safeguard and share their valuable digital content, collections and electronic records for decades to come.

The award-winning Preservica Active Preservation and Access technology is available in cloud hosted and on premise Editions and includes a full suite of OAIS (Open Archival Information System) compatible workflows for ingest, management, storage, access and long-term preservation of digital content.

Preservica invests in many research initiatives in digital preservation and is a well-respected member of many international collaborations with academia, archives, libraries and corporations at the leading edge of this emerging field.

Preservica is part of Tessella group, the international analytics, software services and consultancy company.

Visit www​.pre​ser​vi​ca​.com

About ARA
The Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) is the lead professional body for archivists, archive conservators and records managers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In October 2014 ARA had 2315 members.

ARA aims to support its membership through training, continued professional development, advocacy, identification of employment opportunities, professional help and advice, and by providing a community to which the membership can belong and from which they draw benefit through open discussion and debate, as well as through gathering of information and advice.

Through its members the ARA is committed to working for high standards in the provision of and care of archives and effective management of record systems including the retrieval of information from them.

Learn more: http://​www​.archives​.org​.uk

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