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ARA Conference 2023 resources

Thank you for visiting us at ARA 2023 in Belfast! We’ve put together a range of useful digital preservation resources and downloads for you to read and share with colleagues and stakeholders.

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Digital Preservation 101

New to digital preservation? Take a look at our Digital Preservation 101 page for everything you need to know about protecting your organisation’s most valuable assets.

32 UK Local Authorities choose Preservica to future-proof government records

Preservica is pleased to announce 32 UK Local Authorities have now selected Preservica’s cloud-hosted solution to future-proof government records as part of an overall strategy for more digital and open government.

A new standard for sustainable long-term digital preservation

Partnering with the right Digital Preservation service provider over the long-term should be a carefully considered decision.

That is why we have set out our detailed Commitments to an independently ratified Charter for assessing the sustainability and durability of providers.

Customer stories

Hear from the community on their experiences using Preservica, getting stakeholder buy-in for Digital Preservation, overcoming challenges and more.

Access and discovery showcase

Provide easy and secure internal or public access to your images, documents, AV files, website snapshots, emails and records. Choose to use Preservica’s powerful out-of-the-box access portal or take advantage of open APIs to integrate with bespoke or existing discovery platforms and aggregation services.

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UK Government

See how Preservica is helping UK government meet obligations for long-term records


Protect, share, and ensure access to institutional records over decades.