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32 UK Local Authorities choose Preservica to future-proof government records

Preservica is pleased to announce 32 UK Local Authorities have now selected Preservica’s cloud-hosted solution to future-proof government records as part of an overall strategy for more digital and open government.

October 27, 2022

Oxford, UK and Boston, MA October 27, 2022Preservica, a global leader in Active Digital Preservation archiving, is pleased to announce that 32 Local Authorities across the UK have now selected Preservica’s cloud-hosted solution to preserve and provide greater public access to government records as part of an overall strategy for more digital and open government.

The growing community of city and county archives and records offices using Preservica now includes East Riding of Yorkshire, City of Edinburgh Council, Aberdeen City & Aberdeenshire Archives, West Yorkshire Archive Service, Cambridgeshire Archives, and Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives.

In the last few months alone, the most recent additions include Archives and Cornish Studies Service, Hampshire County Council, Kingston Heritage Service, St Helens Archive Service, Wolverhampton City Archives, Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service, East Sussex & Brighton & Hove Record Office, Shropshire Council/ Shropshire Archives and Surrey History Centre.

Preservica is also used to protect and preserve digital government records at a growing number of UK central government departments and agencies including the Met Office, Transport for London (TfL) and the UK National Archives.

Operating under the UK Public Records Act of 1958, local archives and records offices play a pivotal role in the development of open government by safeguarding and improving access to digital records from the present, the past, and into the future.

“As the world constantly advances with digital technology, there is a real risk that valuable records may be lost or damaged over time,'' said Sam Bartle, Archivist at East Riding Archives. “In terms of archives, you have to be able to preserve them well beyond the human lifespan. Preservica goes a long way to assuring that kind of continuity with our digital archives for future generations.”

With paper records going back 800 years, East Riding Archives purchased Preservica via the Gov.UK Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 12 Framework Agreement and has already digitally preserved 160,000 historical items of importance. The database will transform the archive service's ability to preserve digital archives to international standards, offering users access to a limited range of born-digital material online for the first time. East Riding’s new public digital archive is available for access where it’s possible to browse the wide range of material available, from recent and past events to information and images showing the East Riding community, landmarks, and businesses over the years.

With many records now in digital or digitized form, and with tightening budgets and IT resources, authorities have been deploying Preservica's cloud-hosted digital preservation to future-proof and archive important digital records to meet FOI requests more efficiently and to provide wider public access.

Preservica’s Active Digital Preservation technology ensures digital records remain accessible and readable over decades – no matter what file format they were created in. The software also includes a secure public access portal to simplify the challenge of delivering greater transparency and improved digital services.

“Open government has created new demands on the way that long-term digital information is captured, protected and made accessible, especially as public sector institutions around the world switch to digital working,” said Mike Quinn, CEO, Preservica. “The need to digitally preserve information in a sustainable way is increasing each year and it is exciting to see how this is growing across both local and central government in the UK. We are excited to work together with all these institutions to help protect and future-proof public records & cultural heritage for generations to come.”

As part of their growing momentum internationally,​ Preservica recently announced their expanded presence in the Netherlands protecting government records.​

Learn more about Preservica’s cloud-hosted solution for government or to explore how Preservica is being used to protect valuable digital content at businesses and academic institutions.

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