The latest version of award winning technology now available

I am excited to announce the release of the latest version award winning SDB technology, SDB4.3.1 now available.

So what’s in the new in this version 4.3.1?

  • Advanced Search Filtering allowing complex queries using metadata and content
  • Improved user interface for reviewing the audit trail
  • Generic metadata viewing to allow the use of any metadata schema
  • Manual upload of ZIP files to be unpacked and incorporated into the collection
  • Support for DROID 6.1 to identify and characterise files, and the incorporation of all JHOVE file characterisation information into the metadata for that file
  • A re-characterise” workflow to allow the update of file characterisation information based on the new DROID and JHOVE
  • Multiple improvements to the SIP Creator to allow flexibility in loading
  • Flexible workflow prioritisation allowing certain workflows (e,g, Access) to have priority over others (e.g. Ingest)
  • More reports and supported schemas

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Jon Tilbury

Chief Innovation Officer

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