Active digital preservation

Ensure your critical content is instantly accessible over decades

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Immediately access archived content

Easily find what you need to meet compliance, legal and brand requirements

Trusted living archive

Instantly view and render files

View legacy, obsolete and complex file formats without the need for the original application

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Keep your content alive over decades

Stay ahead of technology changes by actively migrating to the latest file formats at any time

Secure authenticated access

Prove file authenticity and integrity

Take advantage of comprehensive fixity checking, audit trails and downloadable proof reports

Ensuring the accessibility and authenticity of digital information over successive technology cycles and custodians requires a different approach to traditional backup, archiving, storage and content management.

Preservica’s standards-based (OAIS ISO 14721) active preservation software combines all the critical capabilities of successful long-term digital preservation into a single integrated platform. It keeps content safely stored, makes sure it can be found and trusted, provides secure immediate access, and automatically updates files to future-friendly formats.

Immediately access critical archived content

Easily find the content you need to meet your compliance, legal and brand requirements:

  • Quickly find relevant information with advanced full-text, Solr based search.
  • See original assets and all access and preservation copies in a single view — including all technical and descriptive metadata.

Instantly view and render files

View legacy and obsolete file formats at any time without the need for the original application or having to download the file:

  • Render hundreds of file formats in-browser, including text, images, audiovisual, captioned videos, website, social media, 3D assets and email files.
  • Easily view large multiple page assets such as TIFF and PDF files.
  • Provide access to any and all formats by opening up collections to specified internal audiences or the wider public.

Keep your content alive over decades

Stay ahead of changes in technology by actively migrating files to the latest formats on-demand:

  • Take advantage of a comprehensive registry with support for thousands of file formats and hundreds of migration pathways.
  • Easily create preservation and access copies at any time, whilst retaining the original file.
  • Use powerful, integrated toolsets include JHOVE, FFMpeg, MediaInfo, ImageMagick, HandBrake and many more.

Prove file authenticity and integrity

Quickly prove file authenticity and integrity with comprehensive audit information and detailed checks on ingest:

  • Identify, characterize and fixity checksum all files through fully automated and scalable workflows.
  • Access detailed audit trails to show file provenance and user activity.
  • Download proof reports at any time to review all preservation actions made to any specific asset.

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Align your digital preservation actions with community best practice

Preservica also plays a leading role in the Preservation Action Registries (PAR) initiative and in the development of the PRONOM registry, ensuring that our file format preservation rules are aligned with community best practice.

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