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IRMS Conference 2023 — Manchester, UK

May 12th 2023

1:00 AM GMT+1

Preservica is pleased to sponsor the Information and Records Management Society Conference - 2023 at the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel.

This important annual gathering is an essential event for information professionals across the UK, brought to you by the IRMS to provide an independent perspective on key challenges.

Meet the Preservica team in the exhibitors area to learn more about how we're working with organisations across multiple sectors to help them take control of their critical long-term and permanent content.

Don't miss our session with speakers from The Cabinet Office and Preservica on Tuesday 16th May at 12pm.

Tackling the digital tsunami. Taking control of critical long-term public records


institutions are awash with ever increasing volumes of born-digital and

digitised records. As a result, taking control and preserving long-term access

to public records is critical to mitigating compliance risk and ensuring


The Digital Knowledge & Information Management team at the Cabinet Office will share how they prepared and implemented a digital preservation solution, describing their approach to the ingest of their critical long-term records into a purpose built and trusted Active Digital Preservation solution that protects each records integrity & ensures their discoverability and readability over decades.


David Canning – Head of Digital Knowledge & Information Management, The Cabinet Office

Iram Safdar - Lead Digital Archivist, The Cabinet Office

Katherine Jackson – Data Analyst, The Cabinet Office

Nathan Voogt - Director Business Development, Preservica